web Production & Marketing

My knowledge of web content strategy runs deep. My responsibilities:

• Create original, engaging content

• Produce mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly websites with clean, intuitive UX

• Design effective social media posts 

• Analyze traffic for greater engagement

• Train other professionals on WordPress, Photoshop, social media best practices

By the way, this is really my computer. No stock images were used on this site.

Writing & Speaking

I have written and spoken for many media outlets including Business Insider, The Moth, NY Times, National Public Radio and more. Topics include:

The joys of being an Airbnb Superhost

• Body image, equity and inclusion

• Writing for the web

• Mobile-first web design 

• Photoshop and WordPress trainings


Several years ago, I started a wedding photography company. Amazing adventures followed:

• I went to 50 weddings and made vibrant, emotional photos of people. I also became a photographer for the Seattle Art Museum.

• I learned a lot about clients, communication and compassion – and how to file small business taxes.

• I met hundreds of interesting people while taking photos of them, including the man who is now my husband.


I believe in life-long learning, but here are my formal degrees:

Vassar College, B.A. English, cum laude

Seattle Community College, A.A. Web Design & Development

PERSONAL WRiting & Speaking

Intertwined in Mississippi, NY Times
When I was six, my family and I moved from Seoul, Korea to Mound Bayou, Mississippi, a town founded by two former slaves. This essay is about attending first grade there. Published under my Korean name Soyon Im.

English with an Accent, Colors podcast. I wrote this two-minute piece shortly after the Atlanta spa shootings. The link will take you directly to my segment in the podcast.


University of Washington

In my past role, I was a lead producer of the University of Washington’s website. I selected the top images and worked with our communications team on messaging. I ensured that the site was on-brand and optimized for multiple platforms and mobile devices. I edited stories and sometimes, I also took the photos. My goal always was to engage the audience, delight them, and get them to take meaningful actions.

Seattle Art Museum and Joy

For a few years, I was a freelance photographer and digital marketer. My clients included the Seattle Art Museum, where I made images of their family programs and large public events (+5000 attendants) to use on their websites, email blasts and social media. I also worked with Joy, the now-popular wedding planning app when it was a small start-up raising its Series A funding. For Joy, I created beautiful images of couples and wrote many stories about how mobile devices are changing the way people plan and remember one of the biggest celebrations of their lives. 



[email protected]

I am currently based in New Jersey, or what I like to think of as the West-West Side. I’m right across the Hudson River from mid-town Manhattan. This is a typical view of my mornings.

All images here were either shot or edited by me. No stock photos were used on this site.