web Production & Marketing

My knowledge of web content strategy runs deep. My responsibilities:

• Create original, engaging content

• Produce mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly websites with clean, intuitive UX

• Design effective social media posts 

• Analyze traffic for greater engagement

• Train other professionals on WordPress, Photoshop, social media best practices

By the way, this is really my computer. No stock images were used on this site.

Writing & Speaking

I have written and spoken for Business Insider, The Moth, University of Washington, NY Times and National Public Radio. Topics include:

The joys of being an Airbnb Superhost

• Body image, equity and inclusion

• Writing for the web

• Mobile-first web design 

• Photoshop and WordPress trainings


Several years ago, I started a wedding photography company. Amazing adventures followed:

• I went to 50 weddings and made vibrant, emotional photos of people. I also became a photographer for the Seattle Art Museum.

• I learned a lot about clients, communication and compassion – and how to file small business taxes.

• I met hundreds of interesting people while taking photos of them, including the man who is now my husband.


I believe in life-long learning, but here are my formal degrees:

Vassar College, B.A. English, cum laude

Seattle Community College, A.A. Web Design & Development

PERSONAL WRiting & Speaking

Intertwined in Mississippi, NY Times
When I was six, my family and I moved from Seoul, Korea to Mound Bayou, Mississippi, a town founded by two former slaves. This essay is about attending first grade there. Published under my Korean name Soyon Im.

English with an Accent, Colors podcast. I wrote this two-minute piece shortly after the Atlanta spa shootings. The link will take you directly to my segment in the podcast.


University of Washington

I help influence the very first impression that people get when they open the website of the University of Washington. I select the top image and work with our communications team on messaging. I ensure that the site is on-brand and optimized for multiple platforms and mobile devices. Sometimes, I also take the photo. Ultimately, my goal is to engage the audience, delight them, and get them to take meaningful actions.

I Brake for ART

Seattle Art Museum

For a few years, I took a break from my web career to pursue photography. During this hiatus, I worked for the Seattle Art Museum, making images of their family programs and large public events (+5000 attendants) to use on their websites, email blasts and social media.




By the way, all images were either shot or edited by me. No stock photos were used on this site.